The flood of 2010

The weather forecast predicted rain for 72 hours.  And boy were the weather forecasters wrong.  It rained for far longer than that!  True, we had a break for an hour or two last night.  But then it started again.  True, it no longer rained in biblical fashion.  But none-the less, it rained again last night.  84 hours and counting.

Still, I didn’t know how bad it was in our town.  In spite of D telling me that the river was over flowing and that roads were closed.  In spite of seeing the “lake” in front of our yard.  In spite of the water in our basement and the drip, drip, dripping from our chimney.  I, still, didn’t realize the magnitude of problem.

Until, I saw this picture courtesy of my friend Baker Mom.  This is a park near my home.

Let me show you a close up.

Still not impressed?

Not yet?

Here is a contrast. 

Amazing what a little water can do, right?  Thankfully, we are just a couple of blocks shy of the flood zones.  But, oh how I feel for the ones who live in the flood zone.  This will be the second time in less than 3 years.  I really hope they were more prepared this time around.

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