I Spy…

…with my eye something black and white.

Soso and I have been playing I Spy recently in the bathroom.  I’m usually in the shower and she’s just sitting on her stool waiting for me.  Yes, she still can’t let me be alone in the bathroom in peace. 

Anyway, this morning, with limited visibility since I am in the shower, I told her the only thing I could see outside…. something black and white.  A small dustpan and brush near the toilet.

She’s guessing and guessing and not getting it.  Apparently, she couldn’t see the dustpan from her vantage point.  So, finally with triumph in her voice she guessed, “Your hair!”  “What?” I cried in outrage.  “Well, Mommy,you DO have white hair!”  True, but not enough to say that my hair is black and white!  This is what I get for complaining about my white hair in front of her.


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