The small things that make me happy

The small, perhaps silly things that perk me up and make me happy, not in any order of importance…

1.  Driving down a long road with lots of traffic lights like I do every day to work and all the lights are green and I’m just sailing right along. (This happened to me this morning and is what made me think of this post!)

2.  Smell of good coffee first thing in the morning.

3.  Smell and the warm feel of laundry fresh out of the dryer.  I like to throw the clothes on top of me and dig my way out by folding.

4.  Hearing S’s belly laugh from another room.

5.  Spring’s first buds, in the ground like my daffodils or on the trees.

6.  Looking at my pretty toes after my first pedicure of the season.

7.  Crunching sound of leaves as we walk in the fall.

8.    Tulips and daisies.

9.  Light dusting of snow on trees and branches.

10.  Clean toilet.  Seriously this should make anyone happy, no?


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