About that cold/allergy whatever…

I got a cold over two weeks ago.  It started as usual, a scratchy throat, itchy ears and progressed into congestion and runny nose.  A week later, I thought I was heading into the tail end of the cold and then it got worse.  Oh, so much worse.

  A minor head ache turned into a major one.  By day two, my whole head hurt, my face,  my eye sockets hurt, my jaw, even  my teeth hurt.  It hurt so much that I thought my eyes were going to pop out and all my teeth were going to fall out.  Unbearable pain like I’ve never had before except during labor.  Welcome to the world of sinus sufferers.

I don’t like to visit doctors.  My best friend, my brother, my cousin, my blah blah blah are doctors but  I tend to avoid doctors professionally at all cost.  I just don’t find them all that helpful.  Or congenial for that matter.  And for, may be 2 minutes of their time, it just ain’t worth the 2 hours out of my life.

BUT… while talking to my doctor best friend, I happen to mention all my symptoms and she thought I had a sinus infection.  A bacterial infection that could be cleared up by some drugs.  And by day two of pain, I was ready for drugs.

So, with hope in my heart, I headed to the doctor last Tuesday.  And he dashed those hopes by telling me that it hadn’t reached infection point yet.  That I should try a variety of “homeopathic” solutions like steam showers, fluids, nasal spray, Neti pot…. Neti what?

If you have no idea what a Neti Pot is, here are some pictures to help you out.  You’re forgiven if you initially think they are some kind of tea pots.  That’s what I did.

In traditional ceramic:

Fancy stainless steel:

Artisan ceramic?

This is more like what I got, but in clear plastic:

I confusedly thought, “Why do I need a tea-pot?”  Then I thought, “Oh, to more easily breath in steam?”  Then I remembered the doctor used the phrase “sinus rinse” and then I was afraid.  Very afraid.

And I was right to be afraid.  One look at the directions and I thought no way, no freaking way am I sticking that thing and pouring water into my nose!

Then I started having stabbing pains and I was willing to try anything.  It felt a little bit like drowning at first.  Or what I imagine drowning would feel like.  Or when you snort water up your nose while swimming?  It kind of stung and it certainly felt awkward and disgusting.

But it worked.  I felt so much better.  I’ll spare you a picture of myself, but here’s a scene from the show Office.

I think he’s using an actual teapot.  And that isn’t the proper positioning.  But you get the picture.

Soso, unfortunately, walked in to the bathroom in middle of a rinse and was horrified.  But she couldn’t seem to look away either.   Until she finally did, “Mommy, I have to leave now.”  Later with a really disturbed look on her face, “Mommy, I’m still dreaming about it.  It’s like a television.”  I’m not sure what she meant by that… it’s still vivid in her head?  Poor thing.

It took good four days to feel marginally better.  But I do feel better.  I’m still congested, but I don’t have the pressure build up and therefore no more pain.  Thank goodness.

Of course the cold/allergy has progressed to the coughing stage.  And now my throat is raw.  Third week into whatever this is and I’m so ready for it to be over.  I’m kind of in denial that this is allergy related.  I mean, who wants to deal with this every spring???


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