What made you smile today?

If you tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine.

Oh, who am I kidding, I’ll tell you anyway.

My route to work includes this one street with a gazillion traffic lights.  Seriously.  OK, more like a dozen.  But when you’re rushing to work, and I’m always rushing to work, they feel like a gazillion.  Sometimes I’m lucky and they are all blazing green.  The traffic is light.  I’m sailing right on down, all’s right with the world and I’m so happy.


But not today.  Today was one of those days where I hit a red from the get-go, never a good sign.  Traffic was heavy, which meant I was going to hit every single light.


So, I’m grumbling and my face is dragging and my fingers drumming with impatience on the steering wheel and I’m just feeling so impatient.  At the second light, I sigh a big old sigh from like my toes and then look up. 

That’s when I see it reflected on my rearview mirror.

Picture a woman with two front teeth missing, grinning like a goofy 6 year old, busting a move.  She’s bopping, her hands are waving in the air like she just don’t care and you know, you just know that she’s wiggling her booty.  I was absently switching radio station and I heard Rob Base’s “It Takes Two” and I just knew she was bopping to it.

Oh, she completely uplifted my spirit.  The traffic lights didn’t seem so bad because I had something to look forward to at every light.

At the very last light before I had to make a turn, I looked up to see her young son in the back joining in with the same goofy grin.  I saw the mom’s face completely light up and I saw her mouth, “Go Trevor, go Trevor.” Or it could have been Jeremiah but I’ll stick to Trevor.

That’s what made me smile today.

Then some idiot too busy talking on his cell phone almost crashed into me.  And I could dwell on that, but I’m won’t.  I’ll keep thinking about that mom and her joyous, uninhibited dance to carry me through the day.

So, what made you smile today?

*photos provided by freefoto.com

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