Happy 10 year anniversary!

I was going to write a whole post.  But then the closet guy who was installing my closet today asked, “Miss, could you come up and make sure everything’s OK?” and that was the end of my “free” time today.

I had a whole list of things to do… the one I regret the most is not being able to fit in a pedicure.  Not a one got done because once the closet people left, it was clean, clean, clean!  And I’m only now at 8:13 taking  a breather while watching Ben 10 with Soso.

Ah well, what is there to say anyway about our 10 year anniversary?  It went by fast.  I feel 10 years older, but I also feel 1000 times richer.  10 years ago is when my current life started, a life that has the usual ups and downs.  But also the life that has my greatest treasures, D and Soso.  I’m blessed.

Happy 10 year anniversary to us!


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