Pasta Carbonara

I’ve heard of Pasta Carbonara, but I’ve never tasted it and I’ve certainly never made it.  I read things like “… throw hot pasta into the raw egg mixtures to cook the eggs…” and my eyes usually move on to another recipe.  I don’t generally have an interest in food like that.  I’m more of tomatoey or aglio  e olio kinda gal.  I should have gone with my instinct.

But, it was a recipe featured in PW and I’ve really been into her recipes lately.  After feeding D on Korean food all week, and since it was our 10 year anniversary last night and I wanted make something special for him, I thought a traditional Italian pasta dish would be tasty.

Plus I had a pound of bacon just begging to be used.  Seriously.


Plus, it was simple and I love simple dishes with few ingredients.

Don’t get me wrong.  It was tasty.  D and Soso liked the pasta.  But Pasta Carbonara?  It just ain’t my thing. 

Well, at least now I can cross it off the list.  Not that I have a list of Italian dishes to try, but you get me don’t you?  I don’t have to check out another recipe like that ever again because now I know with absolutely certainty that eggy/cheesy/creamy dishes are just not my thing.

And saddest thing about this whole experience?  The wasted bacon.  None of us enjoyed the “soggy” bacon.  Soso declared, “Mommy, I don’t like this soft chicken (for some reason, she calls all meat – beef, chicken, fish and now bacon chicken).”  I guess we like our bacon crisp.

If you happen to like Pasta Carbonara and want to check out the recipe, it is here.

*I didn’t get to post this until Saturday night.  I had a chance to eat the pasta as a left-over for lunch and actually enjoyed it more.  Go figure.


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