The end is near

No, I have not gotten second sight.  I am not talking about Armageddon.  Nothing apocalyptic.

But the end is near.  If you’re up on pop culture, you would KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!

Got it yet?


Here is a clue.

If you are not a Lostie, then you are safe.  But if you are one like me and D, this is it.  The last week we’re rushing to make lunches/clean up after dinner/finish any school work/etc so that we can devote an hour to watching LOST.

Unlike some other shows, like Heroes which seemed promising and then fizzled, Lost had us hooked from the beginning to the end. The both of us.  A rare event.  But Lost is one of those rare shows.

Our relationship with Lost has been complicated.  There’s been ups and downs.  Love and hate.  And always, always confusion.  Mind boggling, brain hurting, hair pulling confusion.  So, in the end there is sadness and relief.  And a kind of dread.  I just know to the depth of my soul that not all questions will be answered.  Not all twists untied.  I just hope there will be enough closure that I don’t forever wonder and ponder about the world of Lost.

Tonight is the second to last episode and the finale is on Sunday.  I will miss the show.  I will miss having a bond, albeit a painful one resembling something akin to an addiction with D.  I loved the fact that we were into the show together.  What will we do next Tuesday night?  What will become of us?

I told D that I want to watch all the episodes again back to back.  We should be good for the summer at least…  Who knows. Perhaps there will be a fantastic new show come fall.


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