Scaring myself silly

As you know, my family and I will be going on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Peru this summer.  It started as trip to visit D’s Abuela who’s around 103.  No one knows her actual age.   We were going to visit Marca, a small remote village north of Lima where the family is from.  Since it was so far from Lima, we were going to do Marca for a week and leave it at that.

Then, we talked to a cousin who is also going to Peru this summer.  All of sudden, we are adding Machu Picchu to the trip, which will extend our trip from a week into two weeks, which will add hundred more miles and cost us thousands more dollars as well.  Machu Picchu is south of Lima and Peru is a large country… meaning another plane and a train ride.  Hotels, buses, tour guides, blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, I am so excited about visiting Peru, seeing his Grandma, having Soso meet her Great-grandmother, having the three generations together.  I’m such a sap about these kind of things, never really having had grand let alone great-grand parents.  I just wish my mother-in-law could have been with us.

And I was so excited about visiting Machu Picchu, one of those ancient engineering marvels of the world.

Isn’t it beautiful?  Of course seeing a picture like this doesn’t even come close to showing what Machu Picchu really looks like.  Or how high it is.

This kind of made me gulp.  I “think” this is the part where people can climb to the top that we will not be doing, thanks due to Soso being underage.

But we just may be doing some of this.  My palms feel sweaty just looking at this picture.

*gulp* *butterflies in my tummy*  *breath in, breath out*  Have I mentioned yet that I’m a big fat scaredy cat who is afraid of heights?

AAAAAAAAAAAG!  Holy moly, oh my goodness, breath, breath, breath.  I’m in total sweat now.

I’m definitely hoping we’re NOT doing any of this.  Have I mentioned that I’m also afraid of dark, confined spaces?

I think I’ll just focus on these cuddly looking llamas.  And hope and pray that they don’t spit on me or anything.

I once really, really wanted to be a contestant on Amazing Race.  Then I saw an episode where the contestants had to zipline down a really, really, really tall cliff.  Poof went my dream.  Adventure girl, I am not.  This Peru trip will be my version of Amazing Race, planes, trains, buses, strange exotic food, surround by non-English speaking people, having to get from point A to point B relatively quickly in order to get the most bang for our bucks, minus an actual race, road blocks, and of course the 1 million at the end.


One thought on “Scaring myself silly

  1. I think this trip will be adventurous enough!

    I have a friend (and her DH) are going to Peru at the end of June for a missionary trip.

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