Memorial Day Parade

It is one of those coming to full circle moments.  For years, we’ve attended the town Memorial Day parade as spectators.  For years, Soso tried to collect the candies that Girl and Boy Scout troops would toss to the little kids.

Well, now Soso is a Daisy and she’s a marcher and a tosser of candies!  It was so cute watching all the girls get such a kick out of tossing candies, honestly the highlight of their first Memorial Day Parade marching experience.

The waiting Grandparents
Here they are, Daisy Troop 2870!!
A close up
My Dad getting in on the candy collecting act!

D was telling me after the parade how the family (who are all adults) were really into collecting the candies!  Does it or does it not look like the little kids are giving my dad a dirty look!  For shame, snatching the candies out of the mouth of babes!

This is after the parade, see the “daisy” on her tunic?  Doesn’t she look adorable?

There are no fancy floats in our town parade.  Some veterans, police officers, fancy cars, bag pipers, the troops, youth sports teams and the like.  It has such a small town America feel.  I never got to experience it fully as a spectator.  But wow, how nice it was to march along side my daughter and seeing all the people in town lined up to watch the parade.   It makes me feel so lucky to be here.  It makes me remember why we came to this country in the first place.  God bless America!  *sniff sniff*


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