5 year comparison

My brother-in-law’s family came up for a quick weekend visit.  It is always great seeing them, especially our nephews.  They are growing up so fast, just like Soso.  We managed to bribe persuade our oldest nephew to spend the night at our house.  I offered to watch the second Harry Potter movie with him.  D offered $2.  He got both, plus a round of mini-golf.  Not a bad deal for giving up spending a night with his family, right?

Soso loves her older cousin “Deke”.  I guess she pronounces the name properly now, but there was a time when she couldn’t.  Like say 5 years ago.  We had also gone mini-golfing.  What a difference 5 years make!

Grandma was still around (we miss you Grandma!).  And look at S in Grandma’s arms.  Just look at that pudgy-wudgy face and arms and legs!  And don’t forget the expression on her face.  CLASSIC Soso expression at that age in her life.

And see our nephew?  He has  just turned 6 years old.  See Soso?  She liked standing in middle of the path, blocking the balls from going anywhere.  We thought at the time she had a future playing soccer goalie.  Alas, that has not come to pass.

Flash forward 5 years.

She carefully stands aside while waiting for her turn.

Would you believe these are the same two kids?

They even look like they like each other, which was not the case 5 years ago.  It was absolute adoration on one side and tolerance on the other.

By the way, these pictures were taken around 9:30 on Sunday morning.  We were the first and only mini-golfers out there.  You can’t tell from the pictures, but it was like 100 degrees.  Yeah, no one  (except for real golfers who are indeed a different breed of people) was crazy enough to be out there.

By the way, I posted the above picture to point out one thing and one thing only.  Not cousinly love.  Nope.  It was to show this contrast.

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago when S and I took Boy C out for his birthday.  See the freakishly blue waterfall in the background?

Here’s a better picture.  It was turquoise blue.  Very strange, but pleasant.  Add a couple of palm trees and I could have ‘just’ believe I was on a tropical island.

On Sunday, it was back to being ordinary water color.  Kinda boring.  Bring back the turquoise!

Anyway, both mini-golf experience was fun for the kids.  But what a difference another 5 years will make.  Golfing with Deke was a relatively calm experience.  Soso took D’s lead and they both took turns hitting.  They tried to get the ball in the hole with the fewest shots possible.  D got 48 (43 par).  Soso got 63.

When S and C played, it was more like a race to see who would finish first.  If it took 20 shots to get the ball in, it took 20 shots.  I think had I taken score, both would have scored in the hundreds!  I almost want to take the two of them again in 5 years experience the difference.   Boy C, June 2015, you and Soso have a date!  Hope you two can still tolerate each other!


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