Family has always been so important to me.  I think it comes from the fact that I immigrated to the US at a young age with just my parents and my brother.  We didn’t have any extended family.  It was just the three of us all the time.  Birthday, holidays, vacations.  I always envied my friends who had grandparents and aunts and uncles and most importantly cousins to play with.

Whatever the reason, family has always been important.  Since I only had the three, I always wanted to marry into a big family.  May be that’s why I was so attracted to Italians.  Not to stereotype, but they tend to have big close-knit families.  (The attraction has absolutely nothing to do with my pasta addiction.  No siree bob.)  My very first crush at the tender age of 9 was to an Italian boy.  My husband is half-Italian.

As I’ve already mentioned, it was so nice seeing my brother-in-law’s family over the weekend. It was nice to see the next generation together with Papa.


I’m so glad my sister-in-law had another kid. I’m so in love with Lulu.


I love Deke, too. But Lulu came after Soso, when my heart was open in a whole new way to loving babies. After I became a mother, I realized that in many ways, I failed as an aunt to Deke.


Thanks Zizi A for giving me another chance by having another baby. Thanks for being such a great aunt and godmother to mine.


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