Knife envy

When I first got married, I decided that I needed to invest in some good quality kitchen knives.  The cheap ones that I inherited from D’s bachelor days weren’t cutting it for me (no pun intended!).  They were terrible at chopping vegetables.  I had a need for speed and the cheapies were slow, slow, slow.

I debated for a long time between Wusthof and Henckel.  Didn’t we all?  But Wusthof Classic finally won due to some design advantages, namely the chef knife having a slight curve to the blade.  I found that the curve made it easier to rock the knife back and forth when mincing.

Anyway, I invested (invest is the right word considering how much these knives cost!) in a couple of knives and I built on my collection over the years.  I started out with a chef’s knife in 8 inches.


After awhile, I realized that with my small hands, a 6 inch was a better all-purpose knife for me.  Now the 8 inch one only comes out when I’m slicing up watermelon and the like.  Yup, I have a $150 melon knife.

I have a paring knife, a sandwich knife and an awesome bread knife.  By the way, if you don’t have a bread knife, I highly recommend getting one.  If you scoff at a knife bread, go borrow someone’s good (good being key) bread knife.  Then run out and get some authentic Jewish bagels or a crusty loaf of ciabatta.  And slice.  You will not scoff again.  The heavens will open up and sing.  The light bulb will go on in your head.  You will see the Matrix.  Seriously, it was a life changing moment for me the day I finally got one.

Phew, I feel a rush just reminiscing about it again.

Anyway, I haven’t felt a need to get another knife in years.  I’ve been doing perfectly fine with what I have.  Then I started reading Pioneer Woman.  Ree from PW keeps talking about this Santoku knife, how amazing it is, how she can’t leave without it.


I’ve seen and heard about this knife before and I always thought, what’s the big deal?  But now, I’m starting to feel the allure.  I think Jaden from Steamy Kitchen also loves Santoku knives.  And both ladies are amazing cooks. Or so I imagine from looking at their photos.  May be I, too, can transcend to amazing, if only I had this knife!

So, I’m having knife envy.  I’m coveting.  I’m feeling the need for greater speed.  Food processor will have nothing on me once I get a-hold of this knife!  I’ll be a slicing, chopping, mincing machine.

I need to come up with about moolah.  I have a plan and I’m hopeful that by Christmas I’ll stop having this crazy knife envy.  I could return a pair of shoes and get this knife right away, but you know Mama needs a new pair of shoes (or two) even more!

I’ve got my eye on this pair.


Shoes and kitchen tools.  That’s how I get my high.  What about you?


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