The beginning of the end

Soso graduates from Kindergarten this week!  While, she has a graduation ceremony for both her schools, the one that has the most significance to me is the Kindercare (KC) graduation.

She started at KC when she was 15 months old.  She was in diapers, toddling and still drinking from sippy cups.  She was NOT happy to be at a strange place with a bunch of strangers.


This is how she looked every morning that I left her and every night when I picked her up.  Every single day.  Relentlessly.  For about 5 months.  “Mother how could you?”

I would call D,  crying, after every drop off.  If I must suffer from guilt, so too must he.  “She’s still not happy.  I don’t know how much more of this I can take!  It is heart breaking to leave her when she’s crying for me.” Apparently, I could last 5 months or so.

I didn’t blame her.  She was used to being taken care of by me, her Daddy or Grandma her whole life.


But one day, she just changed.  I honestly felt like God heard me and had mercy on me.

By the time the year ended, she had learned to drink from a cup.


And while not exactly happy, she was fine.


A sigh came out of me that must have been heard around the world.

Then, slowly but surely, she transformed into a happy girl.


Yes, that is Boy C next to her. Halloween 2006


Halloween 2010.  Amazing, huh?

Soso is finished with KC after the graduation.  She is not only graduating from Kindergarten, she is graduating from Kindercare.  The place that she’s spent most of her life.  The place where she learned the really important thing in life, how to potty in a toilet.  And the other things like how to read and add and subtract.  How to count coins.  Oh and tell time. (But to me, potty training ranks #1.  Thank you Ms.  Maria, even though you’re no longer there and you will never read this blog!)

Where she met her best friends.


Playing a loud game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to the detriment of other patrons.


Getting ready to watch “Princess and the Frog.”

I guess time will tell if they last as life-long friends.  But these kids above are the first people she loved outside of her family.

So, this week marks the beginning of the end of another phase in Soso’s life.  As usual, Soso looks forward to the next phase (as she should) while I weep silently, bemoaning the fact that my baby is growing up.


2 thoughts on “The beginning of the end

  1. I can relate in more ways than one…Michael too has been at KinderCare since the tender age of 9 months. And, like Soso, he graduated from KinderCare last Thursday. While I sat and watched his graduation ceremony, he amuzed us (and the other parents) by playing air guitar and conducting the other children during a song. I realized that I have been walking thru the KC doors for the past 9 years and shortly, it would come to an end. Like Soso, my childrens’ first friendships developed at KC and I am happy to say that those friends are the ones Sam trusts and counts on to this day. So, here’s wishing tearless, happy days for our future first graders this fall. Your friend. M-

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