The end has finally come and another beginning has started.

Friday was Soso’s kindergarten graduations, both at Kindercare and Bloomingdale. Bloomingdale ceremony was simple and fast.  I was lucky to capture this moment, it went by that fast.


Receiving her “fake” diploma from the Principal.


Posing with her teacher.

Compare and contrast from September to June. Can you see the growth and change?

Now for the Kindercare ceremony… see the obvious difference?


The school went all out and got the graduates caps and gowns!  Now, this was a ceremony.  There was a recital of a poem and two songs.


Receiving a “real” certificate from her teacher, who looks like a kid herself!



“Kindergarten Diploma.”


With proud Papa.


With Nana and the other Papa.


With proud Mommy and Daddy.  Congratulations Soso on your Kindergarten graduation!  We are indeed so very proud of you.  Now on to first grade!


3 thoughts on “Graduations

  1. Hi,

    I cannot believe how big she has grown. The contrast is even more dramatic when I think of the past Christmas pictures. Also nice seeing the family fotos. Please give your parents my best.

    God bless and congratulations to S!


  2. you must be so proud, i teared up when suren graduated fm preschool wearing a little cap and gown. david looks like he has lost a lot of weight.
    you look great as usual. i like your hair at the length you have it in the picture.

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