Summer fun with the nephew

I mentioned last week how my  posts were out-of-order?  Well this post is about events that happened from June 27th – 30th!  I just haven’t had the time to post and edit all the pictures right away.  I don’t know how other bloggers do it.


Anyway, TWO weeks ago, our nephew Deke came to stay with us for a few days.  Something we’ve been wanting for years and we finally got our wish… but oh boy what a bad week we picked weather wise!  It was so hot.  Or may be it such a bad thing since we spent two days doing water activities and the kids had a great time.

Day 1, was spent at the pool.  Deke, who I remember holding in my arms in deeper waters not that long ago has graduated to jumping off diving boards.


Of course, S who worships the ground he walks on had to do the same.  She can swim but I was nervous.  I think I stopped breathing for a few minutes.  All I know is that when she surfaced, I gasped for air like a dying fish.


Want to see the video?  I don’t know how to embed video yet so here is Deke’s and Soso’s.

IMG_5434Here I am with the kids.  I’m posting this only because my body is safely in the water.

IMG_5438We tried to do the playground thing but it was just too dang hot. But, I did get a couple of cute pictures!

Day 2, a disgustingly hot and humid day started off with a jog.  Remember I was still in my 4 mile race training.  Deke wanted to come so we winded up jog-walking for two miles, about all we could handle with the heat.  Then, we were off to Keansburg Amusement Park, which thankfully had a water park.

Now for anyone reading this who’s a NJ resident, the dry park isn’t worth a long trip.  But for a  40 minute ride, I would go back for the water park.

IMG_5466There’s a cute water play area and some slides perfect for smaller, less adventurous kids. Then there was larger tube slides, a lazy river, a hot tub and a rope swim jump. There were plenty of chairs available to park your stuff.

IMG_5480By the end of the day, the temperature had cooled substantially. We were able to sit and enjoy some “Dippin’ Dots”.

IMG_5483See this picture? This typifies their relationship, monkey see, monkey do.

IMG_5459Monkey D plays DS, so does Monkey S.

IMG_5502Hey, hey we’re the Monkees…

IMG_5501And people say that we monkey around…

Did I mention that S had a great time?  Hopefully so did Deke. Hopefully, he’ll want to come back again.  We loved having him.



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