Really belated birthday wishes

My nephew Lulu and my Dad share the same birthday.  Thank goodness, since my memory gets worse and worse and it is nice to have to remember only one date.

We had celebrated Lulu’s birthday in Maryland two weeks ago.  I do have pictures, but as you can probably guess, I haven’t had a chance to load them up.

We celebrated my Dad’s this past weekend by going to a Korean restaurant.  I don’t have any pictures of that.  I really should have taken pictures of the food… so much yummy food… but I always feel weird whipping out a camera in a restaurant.

Here’s Lulu at birth… you know Soso calls him that but I just realized that I really need to come up with a more masculine nickname for him!

Look at those cheeks!  Or are those jowls?

And him now.  Look at that squishy face!  Hm, perhaps I can call him Squishy.  I love this picture.  Don’t you just want to squish those cheeks?


Squishy Lu is two.  He’s talking a little bit.  He says things like, “Pweese?”  So cute!  He can’t say my name.  He calls Soso Sheshe.  They were becoming good buds by the time we left Maryland.  He has the best smile.  He’s really good about posing for pictures and smiling like the above picture.  He will only give me a real kiss when I ask for it.  Otherwise, he just gives me his forehead to kiss.  He loves playing in the water.  At the birthday party, he kept himself (and the rest of us) amused by dipping his face in water for about good 30 minutes.  He loves Barney.  I can’t wait until he can stay with us in the next year or so.  Happy 2nd birthday Lulu, my Squishy Lu!


This is my Dad around 5 or 6 or 7.  Man, people wore really formal clothes back then!  Do you see any resemblance to Soso?

This was when he was 31 at his wedding.  31 was considered late to be getting married.  I know his mother, my Grandmother was relieved when he finally found my Mom.  I think he looks quite handsome in this picture.  I think at the time, my Dad was working as a journalist.  He did that for a while and then got a more “stable” job after he got married.

This is my Dad now.  Well, now being Christmas of 2009, hence the Santa hat.  Not the best picture, but it was all I had!  I really should take more pictures of him.  My Dad turned 71.  He’s been retired for a few years.  Now, he spends his days writing little editorial articles for Korean newspapers and journals.  May be that’s where I get my love of reading and writing from.  Happy 71st birthday Dad!



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