Happy Birthday D!!!


Happiest birthday wishes to my dear husband who has turned the BIG 40 today.

I guess this is the official start of the “middle age” stage of  our lives?  I can’t imagine D getting a fancy sports car or trading me in for a younger trophy wife.  But I wonder if there will be some sign of mid-life crisis in the near future?  Things that make me go hm…

While I was at work, Soso and D spend the day chilaxing and doing what all middle-aged Dads dream about, watching a girly movie with his daughter.  Then, S treated her Daddy to lunch at the local diner.  Then, they got some free ice cream at a local ice cream store.  Then, they lounged around some more.  In fact, I came home to both of them passed out on the living room floor.

This is so different from the 40th birthday celebration we had originally envisioned!  We were going to relive our 20’s for just one night.  Clubbing in the city.  Decked out in sexy club gear.  Techno/house music! Disco lights!  Sweaty bodies gyrating on the dance floor!  Drinks!  More drinks!

Ah well.  I’m sure we saved ourselves a mighty hangover.  I never liked techno music.  And who really wants to be crushed amongst sweaty bodies anyway?  20’s was so over-rated.  40’s is the new 20’s.

I’m so sure that watching a girly movie among pre-tweens and tweens was the better choice that I plan on doing the same when my time comes.  Not!  I want to party y’all!

Well, D didn’t get the dream birthday celebration he had hoped for, but he got the next best thing.  Really!  He got to spend a relaxing day with his most favorite person in the whole wide world.


Happy birthday!


Your second most favorite person in the world

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