Day 2 – We’re not in Kansas anymore.

Not that I know what Kansas is like except for the two brief trips I made there.  Overwhelming or rather underwhelming flatness.

OK, how’s we’re not in the USA anymore.  Except I haven’t seen all of USA and it is possible that parts of it is like Peru.

Take a look at this fruit that Soso is eating.  You’re not getting this fruit in Kansas nor anywhere else in the good old U.S. of A, that I guarantee.

Of course, paranoid that I am, I couldn’t make such a bold statement without Googling afterward.  Turns out, this is more commonly know here as a passion fruit.

IMG_0273But, this particular variety above called maracuya in Peru, this one I guarantee can’t be found in the US.  Unless someone tells me otherwise, I’m sticking to it.

You eat the seeds and the little bit of pulp around the seed.  I know it looks kind of strange and off-putting, but it was quite sweet and delicious.

IMG_0279This is another kind. Not as sweet to eat, but OMG like nectar, a drink for other worldly beings!  I do not exaggerate.

IMG_0274This green thing called cherimoya… I specifically got it on our last day to take a picture of the inside and then forgot! Inside has this creamy white flesh with big black seeds. You bite into it and think you’ve gone to heaven.  It taste like a dessert.  Like you’re eating some kind of a custard, but not really.  Better.  Click on the name for an inside look on Wikipedia.

I was going to say, this fruit is also never to be seen in the US, but I was wrong.  There is a California version of it.  You, too can taste this fruit without ever going to Peru or Bolivia at a mere cost of $30!

There was one more fruit called pacay that was also amazing.  Related to the legumes family, but much larger.  The ones I had were almost a foot long and about an inch wide.  Here’s a picture and a description of a pacay.  Inside is a soft white flesh that would be a fruit version of cotton candy.  The flesh just melts in your mouth.  I really, really feel confident stating that you can not get pacay here.

Anyway, breakfast every day consisted of some kind of fresh, “exotic” fruit or freshly squeezed or pureed fruit juices.  And fresh bread.  I could have eaten breakfast at every meal.

More signs that we were not in Kansas anymore?

See him in a sweater? When we left home it was about 90 degrees and humid.

OK, fine, I’m pushing it. It was possible that Kansas was cold enough for a sweater. Who knows. I don’t actually live in Kansas, duh. I just thought he looked cute and had no other reason to include the picture.

Here’s a more legitimate sign.
I guarantee there are no McDonald’s in the US in an old Spanish Colonial building in bright yellow.

Day 2 – to be continued…


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