PTI – Pardon the Interruption

Is that show still on? I used to love watching PTI.

But that’s not what this post is about.  We interrupt our Peru adventures with some other life goings on.

For example, how while I was washing dishes, D points to the window and we see this.

Actually, there were three on the ground, but boy do they have quick reflexes. They heard us exclaim and were up the tree in no time.

Good thing I already had the camera out! Speaking of which, have I mentioned yet how much I love my new camera?

These pictures were taken on the fly from my kitchen, through a screen and double-pane glass window.

I just had to share these pictures. Tonight was the first time I’ve seen raccoons in the 6 years we’ve been living here. I know they are pests. In fact D’s already mentioned over-turned garbage cans this morning. But, they looks so cute!!!


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