These days, my life seems to be a series of struggles.

  • Struggling to wake up.
  • Struggling to make it to work on time.
  • Struggling to finish editing and uploading and blogging about the Peru trip.
  • Struggling to blog about the rest of my continuing life.
  • Struggling to get lunch ready for, now, three people.  One, who is not used to eating cold lunches every day, who does not have access to a microwave and who keeps asking me what else she can have besides a sandwich.
  • Struggling with making dinner.
  • Struggling to keep the house clean.
  • Struggling, in general, to keep my life running smoothly and fitting everything in.

Yeah, I know, these aren’t all that serious.  But I tell you, I am tired.  I am having one of those “I want to just huddle in a corner and suck on my thumb” moments.  With a tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Oh yeah, have I mentioned that I’m PMSing?  That explains the ice cream cravings!

Oh heavens to Betsy!  I need some help.  What?  I can’t get a younger body that can still wake up at 5:30 in the morning, after only 6 hours of sleep?  I can’t get a new Mac so I can blog peacefully on the couch?  I can’t get  a maid?  Or a cook?  Can someone at least help me with some lunch ideas for a 1st grader who doesn’t want to eat sandwiches every day?  Please?  Pretty please?  I’ll share my ice cream with you.


5 thoughts on “Struggling

  1. Hey you! I miss ya! I think my biggest problem is that S is used to eating hot lunches. She’s used to eating pasta, soup, rice, etc and I just don’t have time in the AM to warm these up before packing them up… I don’t know. Can you eat cold pasta? I like the wrap idea. At least it is different then slice bread!

  2. Oh darn! I’m finally here catching up 🙂 and was coming to comment with some wisdom! Soup!! But then I saw your comment above about no time to heat up the soup in the morning…
    As you know, Boy C could win a prize for pickiest eater. Every day since school started (except today*), he’s had tomato soup. Counts as a vegetable, doesn’t it? Sort of?? We have a Star Wars metal thermos from target. Heat a kettle of water in the morning – make tea and fill the thermos. Turns out preheating it helps the soup stay warmer. Then I actually microwave some soup that I ‘prepared’ (you know – opened the can, added water and heated it together on the stove 🙂 ) the night before. Pour it in the thermos, put that in a plastic bag just in case, and off he goes.
    We did pasta over the summer too, though that didn’t stay as warm – might be worth a try.
    *Today he bought lunch at school. I’m curious to hear how that went. But it might be something else to consider at least some days. $2.15 was more than worth not packing his lunch today – if he ate it….

  3. I found it hilarious that tomato soup is his go-to meal. S has the Hello Kitty version. I put heated pasta yesterday and it worked fine for S. She was RAVING about it which has guilted me into making more effort at warm lunches. Actually, I gave the job of warming to D to do before he leaves for work. He warmed up left-over fried rice this morning and packed it for me. And put the coffee on. I made it to work on time! The challenge is having left-over food for lunch since I usually need them for dinner later in the week. Soup is a great idea. I will start making double batches and freezing them. And you’re right. I realized last night that S will be buying lunch once a week!

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