Struggling, Part 2

I’m having a hard time getting in the groove this school year.  The new work schedule and the new afternoon daycare has really thrown me off.

Yesterday, I stayed late at work to finish a report, then stopped by a co-worker’s office to chat for a few minutes and all of sudden I realized that it was 5:25 PM.  And I couldn’t remember if the pick up time for S was 6 or 6:30.

I hit Route 78 which was, as usual, backed up and called the daycare.  Yup, 6 PM.  I got on the parkway and I just saw a line of cars crawling.  It was 5:45 and I though there’s no way I’m going to make it.

I made it exactly by 6PM.  Perspiring, running on high heels and out of breath.  Phew.  That is just no way to end the day!

I need to put a big ol’ sign on my monitor.  Leave before 5PM!!!  You would think I wouldn’t need to reminder.


2 thoughts on “Struggling, Part 2

  1. Oh, why didn’t you just call me? Its easy. It would have been fun. We all would have eaten tacos together. There was even leftover birthday cake to share.
    Please remember that. Program my number. Call. “I’m running late. Can you bring her home” Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. It’s what Friends do 🙂

  2. I would have if I thought I had a chance at catching you still there, but I didn’t want to make you go back! Worst case scenario was that I would have to pay the late fee. But it wasn’t like the place was closing… then I would have called you for sure! I know I can totally count on you and hope you feel the same :).

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