36 going on 16

What is up with the late 30’s?  I feel like my body’s gone through a time warp and I’m a teenager again, except without any of the benefits.  Like young elastic skin.  Nice perky boobs.  No gray in my hair.  No “dimples” on the back of your legs.  No, none of the good stuff.

What I do have are the raging hormones that’s resulting in more pimples on my face every month than what I had in my entire teenage years.  Crippling cramps where I now start  popping pills at the onset.  No more braving it y’all.  Back pains so bad that I want to call out sick.

Let’s not talk about the schizophrenic cravings that I’ve been having.  They change so fast, it almost feels like my body is craving at the same time…. pickles, chocolate, potato chips, salsa, hot wings, and ice cream. Ew, right?

Thanks goodness it only lasts two days.  Yesterday, I downed 1 whole chocolate bar in 2 minutes.  That’s more chocolate than I consume in 6 months (as long as Halloween is not part of that range).  Seriously, as much as I love chocolate, I never actually eat it much!

These intense, crazy cravings have gotten worse over the last few months.  Oh, mercy!  Please tell me this doesn’t last forever.  Oh, yeah.  There is always menopause to look forward to, right?  I’m being sarcastic here.

These extreme emotions, pains and cravings are draining.  Calgon, take me away!


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