If I Was a Boy

Because a ying needs a yang, I thought I would share a quick funny story.

Skip this if you don’t want to read anything about “the monthly”.

From the time Soso was able to walk to even now, I have had no privacy in the bathroom.  I have recently started enforcing it, but as it turns out, I started it too late.  She has seen too much and is much traumatized.

I’m sure you can guess.  Let’s just say that she knows what “the monthly” means.  She knows about pads and tampons.  This morning, she holds out a box of one and asks me, “Am I going to need this when I’m an adult?”  Yes, honey.  She holds out another box, “And this?”  Yes.

“If I was a boy, my life would be so much easier.  I wish I was a boy.”  She said this with so much glum in her voice.  Yup.  Traumatized.

If I ever have another child, I will be enforcing strict bathroom privacy rules.


2 thoughts on “If I Was a Boy

  1. LOL! Good luck with that!

    I threw a positive spin on it for my kids (yes, the boys too). I told them that only Momma’s that will eventually have a baby in their belly get to do it. Gavin was so upset to learn that he will never have a real baby in his belly!

    1. Oh do they know about it, too? I was starting feel like may be I was a bad mommy and I should have done a better job of sheltering her. I almost choked when I read about Gavin.

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