Becoming Crafty

Not really.  I will never be crafty.  Tonight is just another validation that I will never be crafty.

I am in charge of the craft activity at the school fall festival.  The chairperson told me to have enough material for about 250 kits.  The craft is paper strip pumpkin made out of toilet paper roll and construction paper.

I need about 125 toilet paper rolls cut in half. I need 2500 orange strips of construction paper.  That’s 250 construction paper.

Guess what I did on my Friday night?

2.5 hours later, all 250 cut toilet rolls are cut and I have enough strips for 100 pumpkins.  I made the model to demonstrate the craft.  I still need 150 construction paper cut into strips.  I need 250 green leaves and 250 brown stems.  I have a couple of people helping me, butI still need to wrap 250 rolls in orange paper as well!  Guess how I will be spending the next few nights?

How did you spend your Friday night?  Hopefully, on something more fun and with less repetitive action.  My shoulders are actually tired!

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