Confessions of a Wannabe Supermom

A couple of weeks ago, I found a cape lying on the ground with a pink S   It was in perfect condition so I picked it up.  It had the letter “S” on it in dazzling pink.  Ah, it was the cape of Supermom.  I had to try it on.  What little girl hasn’t dreamed of being a super heroine?  Of course, my dreams involved being Wonder Woman, but one can’t be too picky.  After all, super capes aren’t usually discarded.  Or are they?

It was amazing at first.  I could feel a surge of energy right away.  I felt a sense of hope that all things were possible.  Juggle a career, a house, a kid with 5 extra-curricular activities, PTA, CCD, MOM, OCD, make nutritious breakfast, lunches and dinner?  No sweat.  Do all the drop-offs and pick-ups?  No problem.  Be responsible for the kid every day (minus work hours) indefinitely? Sure thing.  Do all the laundry, all the cleaning, all the shopping?  I didn’t even blink.

So, I signed up for it all.

On the first day,  I woke up without any prompting or nudging.  I was on warp speed.  I got the shopping done, made three meals, did laundry, cleaned the house, made lunch for the next day, did a play date and I was hardly out of breath.

Second day, I fed the kid, dropped her off at school, went to work, brought the kid to piano, made dinner, fed the kid, made the lunch, fielded a phone call while balancing a checkbook, helping the kid with homework and cleaning up after dinner, cleaned the kitchen, got the kid ready for bed, edited 1000 photos, blogged and made it to bed by 10PM.

I was Supermom!  It all went to my head.

I signed up for more.  All of sudden, I was running hither, thither and yonder buying construction paper at three different craft stores and cutting them into 2500 strips and collecting toilet paper rolls all over town and cutting them in half.  I was running out 7AM  to buy oranges to bring to a 9AM soccer game.  I was rushing to make sandwiches for the soup kitchen.   I was trying to blog a post a day.  I was trying to do a million things.  I was starting to feel like a pizza dough that’s been stretched too thin and holes were starting to form.  I would quickly mend the holes and move on. I was supermom.

One day, I found myself in middle of the living room floor with laundry not folded, with only half the construction paper cut, with the lunch still unmade, dinner dishes still in the sink, with the laptop on to an unfinished post about Marca and I was missing the season premier of… Grey’s so it must have been Thursday.

I was like a computer given too many commands at once and not knowing which to do first.  You know, the dreaded hourglass sign that goes on and on.  Then you see that program is “not responding”?  My synapses had fizzled and I needed a full reboot.

Then I had an epiphany.  No wonder Supermom’s cape was discarded!    You may be able to move at warp speed and juggle 10 things, but it doesn’t make it all easier.  It still wears you down.  This gig is no joke.

Here’s the confession.

1.  I’ve always wanted to be a Supermom.  I’ve always wanted to be super at everything.

2.  But being Supermom is hard.

3.  It was fun for a couple of days.

4.  I got a lot done, but at the expense of my long-term sanity and my emotional well-being.

5.  I prefer my sanity.

6.  I prefer not barking at my family.

7.  Supermom cape did not sit on me very well.

8.  I prefer being an ordinary mom, even if it means that only half my house is clean at any given moment.

9.  S will buy lunch once a week.  I think of it as a failure and Soso looks at it as a treat!

10.  I still want to be Wonder Woman.  I think battling evil doers has got to be easier.


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