Do you ever feel like your life is on speed?  That the fast forward button in constantly on.   Even without the Supermom status, life progresses in a blur of events.  It is easy to lose track of things and they fall through the cracks.  For example, when we got back from Peru and D and S were sick, I forgot to set up payment for a credit card.  I never remembered and I would have never remembered if I hadn’t received the next bill with “OVER-DUE” notice in red.

Oops.  I can’t even tell you the last time I was late for payment, let alone miss it completely.

Or, how about when I changed my work hour from 8:45 AM to 8 AM so I could have more time to do things after work and I kept forgetting to leave early.  One day I was almost late picking up S.   I had to literally put a note on my monitor, “Leave no later than 4:30!!!”

I’m chronically late returning library books.  Thank goodness the fees are so small.

It has gotten so bad that I’ll head to a store, knowing that I have to buy “x” and forget what it was by the time I actually get to there.

I’ll have a refrigerator full of food and not remember what I’m cooking for dinner on a given night.

While I’ve always been an organized person, now it has become essential to me and my family’s survival to be organized.

By organized, I mean having every activity written on every calendar that I have available to me throughout the day.  The work calendar, the phone calendar and the home calendar.   It also means having lists.


List of the weekly menu that I use to make the grocery list.


Separate list for specialty shopping like Costco and H-Mart. List of activities to put on the calender because I don’t always have one on me. List of to-dos.


I even have to put down, “Call Mom” on the list or I forget.

List of blogging ideas.  List of must remember to pay or there’s a penalty bills.   If it needs to be done, bought, remembered, it needs to go on a list.

I’m three days late picking up Soso’s vitamin because it isn’t on a list.  Something on a list can take days sometimes to be accomplished. Not on a list?  Fuggedaboutit.

It has gotten so bad that at work, I find myself… a little personal here… forgetting to go to the bathroom. I also forget to drink water and by dinner time I’m dehydrated. Sad, huh? I’m seriously contemplating setting up a reminder around noon to alert me. I’ll have to come up with a code so it won’t be obvious to people who have access to my calender!

Lists.  They make my world go round.  They keep me sane.  What helps you?

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