On the Edge..

…of a knife.  Get it, knife edge?  Unbeknownst to me, I’ve been bitten by a corny bug.  I even made a joke today at work and I’m not the joking kind.  Where do fruits sleep on?  Apri-cots!  Hahahahahahah!

Forgive me.  Remember the knife envy I had?  Well, I still have it.  Other women may dream about some hot actor stud, but I dream about sharp knives.  Hm, what does that say about me? For $99 at  Williams-Sonoma, this set is positively a bargain.  Especially if the sharpener is decent.  My dream could be a reality. BUT, $99 is still not a sum I can just lay out.  Especially when I have perfectly good knives (however tad bit dull they are).

H.E.L.P M.E.  Tell me that I really don’t need a Santoku knife even if it is a bargain.  Even if I’m convinced that with this knife I could turn me into a cooking extraordinaire.   Tell me I’m being delusional.  Tell me that I need to spend $20 on getting my existing knives sharpened instead of spending 5x that amount on a knife that I really, really don’t need.  Really.

Tell me that the money would be used much better for things I really need, like this food mill for $50.  I really do need one.  It is a little bit inconvenient borrowing my father-in-laws who is 15 minutes away, especially when half the time I realize that I need it middle of cooking.

I could also buy this cake pan that I need for $34.  I mean, we should all own a Bundt cake pan.  Am I right?

How else could I make this yummy looking cake?

And I would still have money left-over to buy a set of these  Halloween pancake molds.  Serious cuteness.

Or these.  How can I, a child of the 80’s not want one of these?  O.M.G.  Utter geeky cuteness.

Or, I could put the money towards my dutch-oven fund.  Yes, I have such a thing.  This one is about $200.  I would be half-way towards achieving this dream.

Oh, decisions, decisions.  Help me, y’all.  What should I do?

2 thoughts on “On the Edge..

  1. A food mill? really?? In my excessively (or so some would say – ‘some’ being the husband…) well stocked kitchen, a food mill just never really seemed like a necessity. What do you make regularly with it??
    And, although I was labeled a bad influence back in the shoe posting, I’m still going to weigh in here. I have a santuko knife. Just a Farberware one from my sister’s company store. Nothing fancy. But with the general exception of tomatoes and bread, I rarely use any of the other ones. Now, you know that, even with it, I’m no cooking extraordinaire. I’ve eatne your meals so in my book you already are one. But I think you’ll love it. (And PS – there’s a place 2 towns over that sharpens knives for ~$2 each, if that helps)

    Again – food mill? Meh. Bundt pan? I have one, used it once so far. You could just take mine and I’ll borrow it should I ever really need one (See – tell DH I’m actually helping you save money!!) Halloween pancake molds? Cute, but the season passes too quickly. The Star Wars pancake molds? well, I seriously can’t believe I don’t already have those too!!

    But after all of this, don’t get me started on my LOVE for my cast iron pot….then I’d really get in trouble! 🙂

    1. Perhaps a necessity is a strong word. But I do have a use for it when I want to make my father-in-law’s tomato sauce. He makes the yummiest sauce. He puts the crushed tomato through the mill to get this incredibly smooth texture that just clings to the pasta so wonderfully. When I need the sauce, I usually ask him to make it for me. But I can’t always do that, kwim? Sometimes I need that sauce right away.

      Where is this knife place??? I thought only Thymes and the last time I asked you about it, it just sounded too complicated!

      I think I’ll save the money for the pot. I do have perfectly good knives for now, but I could really use the dutch oven for so many things. As for the the bundt pan, is it as pretty as the WS anniversary one? If so, I think I will borrow it for the once a year I want it for! Tx for weighing in. 🙂

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