Weekly Menu – Italian Week!

I’m a day late due to Soso being sick, again!  This is what I get for boasting how healthy my kid is… never again.  Yesterday was the 5th Dr. Shoprite (left over mispronunciation from her toddler days) in a month.  Just when I think we’re getting onto a regular schedule, bam, 104 fever.

The kid apprently has some kind of a flu, paraflu?  Para-avian flu?  Whatever it is,  she’s on nebulizer and her cough this morning sounded a lot more productive.


She almost missed the school’s Fall Festival.  I let her go for a little bit to do the craft she worked so hard in helping me get ready and to paint a pumpkin. 


It was supposed to have a been a fun-filled weekend. Aside from the school event, there was a festival at our church and we were supposed to go apple/pumpkin picking. “I’m glad I got to go to the festival for a little bit, even though I missed everything else.” Poor, poor Soso.

Onto the weekly menu. D asked if themed menu was going to be my thing now. It certainly makes it easier for me to come up with a menu, having a set parameter. But I doubt I’ll continue. I’ve run out of themes!

This was how the original list looked like:

S – Broccoli Rabe Pasta with fish
M – Minestrone Soup
T – Butternut Squash Soup
W – Pizza
T – Stuffed Peppers
F – Left-overs
S – Left-overs

I realized on Sunday that there was no way I would be able to make butternut squash soup and stuffed peppers in middle of the week. They take me a couple of hours each to make. I made them on Sunday. We had the stuffed peppers last night and today’s the soup. The peppers came out OK. If I have decent photos I’ll post a recipe. The soup is good… at least the spoonful I tasted but a tad bit spicy. I adapted the pumpkin soup recipe.  I think next time, I’ll cook it “Italian Style”, the way my father-in-law does.

Alright… gotta go b/c the kid wants to play a game.


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