Weekly Menu – No Cooking Week!

D thought I was joking at first, but now he’s embraced the theme.  I get like this every few weeks.  I get tired of the meal planning and cooking, especially in the fall when I have no help whatsoever from D.

This is what we have planned for the week.

1.  Pizza using frozen dough w/salad

2.  Veggie burger w/salad

3.  Tortellinis and chicken meatballs from Costco with sautéed spinach

4.  Flautas from Costco and yellow rice with salad

5.  Turkey burger w/sweet potato fries and salad – D’s grilling so I guess that’s still no cooking.

I should be back to cooking mood by the weekend.  I already have a winter vegetable stew recipe I’m dying to try out.

AND – Soso’s been fever free since Saturday!!!  She’s was a little confused this morning, but I think glad to go to school.



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