I Have Been Cooking

I have recipes that I want to share.  I just haven’t had time to write them up.  That actually takes more time than say surfing the web for boots.

I made this lovely stuffed peppers a couple of weeks ago.

And this butternut squash soup which I thought was yummy, but that D and S found a tad bit spicy. Ah well, I would want to tweak this one a little more before posting anyway.

I made lentil soup this weekend. Enough for like 10 servings. My freezer is full. I wonder if there’s such a thing as soup exchange. Anyway, I have prep photo and cooking photos, but I never got to take the final presentation photo because I got sick all of sudden Sunday night.

I made lovely salmon last night, just lightly seasoned and broiled because we ran out of gas in the grill. With roasted asparagus and yellow rice.

I plan on making roasted halibut with herb butter sometime later this week. I’ve also got some late season apples on Sunday when we went apple picking (I started feeling ill on the ride home and went straight to bed) and plan on making a pie. I have winter vegetables on my mind as well and plan on making a stew of roots and squash that would go perfectly with fresh-baked bread (which I don’t plan on baking myself).

I have so many cooking ideas in my head and I sincerely hope I can post the actual recipes here, soon.

But first, I must finish Machu Picchu. It has been two months. It is time. Perhaps tomorrow, assuming I’m not passed out in bed again tonight with chills and aches! Is it possible to have the flu without fever?


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