Silver lining

The silver lining to being sick as a dog, coughing so much that my abs hurt, where every cough feels like my throat is being rubbed raw by sandpaper and I’m having acid poured down is that yesterday when I went to CVS to finally get some relief in the form of Delsym which was recommended by my doctor friend when I cried pitifully at her, I was asked for my ID.

You need to be 21 to purchase this.  May I see your driver’s license? Um, I’m in my 30’s.

She puts out her hand, like hand it over.  She looks at it twice and says incredulously, “What’s your secret?”

I had to laugh.  I haven’t been asked for an ID in at least a decade.  I may still look younger than my age, but younger than 21?  That’s boat has sailed a long time ago.

One 3 oz Delsym in grape flavor $10

Being mistaken for an underage teenager?  PRICELESS.


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