Seeking a Mommy and Homemade Chicken Soup

I know I’m really sick when I want my Mommy.  Unfortunately, she’s in Kansas.  I don’t even have my mother-in-law to turn to anymore.  You know I’m feeling desperate when I’m trying to find a substitute mommy in anyone, especially D.

D’s a great daddy, in fact, the greatest, but he’s not a mommy.  But picture me last night, pitifully huddled on the sofa, wracked by coughs.  D, I need you to take care of me.  I need to be mothered.  I need chicken soup.

He did his best.  He brought me my cough syrup, Delsym the 12 hour cough relief, NOT, I give it 6 hours tops.  He brought me water with crushed ice.  He cranked up the heat because I was also shivering.  He fed the Kid.  He made the lunches.  He cleaned up the kitchen.  But he was no mommy.  He couldn’t make me chicken soup.

There I am, with a blanket around me, trying not to slice my fingers off while dicing up carrots and celery because I’m coughing so much, making chicken soup.  Except you know with canned broth.  CANNED BROTH!  Canned broths are fine to make other soups, but for chicken soup?  Oh, the horror.

Have I moved you to tears yet?  If I haven’t, you must be made out of stone.  STONE!

Beggars can’t be choosers.  I drank my chicken soup made out of *choke* canned broth and felt some relief.  10 minutes of blissful non-coughing.

I can’t tolerate anymore tea with honey.  I’m down to drinking plain hot water.  If I have to suck on one more cough drops, my taste buds will just die.  I have called the doctor and I have a 3:30 appointment.  I’m sure I’ll be told that it is viral and nothing can be done, but maybe he’ll give me something to stop the cough.  My kingdom for a bowl of homemade chicken soup!




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