News Flash!

It is OK if you choose not to sit on the toilet while urinating.  How do I know this?  I have been assured by a flier in the bathroom at work.

BUT, if you do not choose to sit, please be considerate and wipe the seat for the next person.

Seriously, what kind of place do I work where we need a flier to remind us of this basic courtesy?  We are all adults here.

This reminds me of an interesting conversation I had with Soso. She did not use the school bathroom the entire Kindergarten year.  When I found out that she was not using the bathroom in first grade either, I asked her why.  Apparently, kids forget to flush and the toilet seat at times are wet.

I guess kids don’t learn in first grade and 20 years later, we have to have a flier to remind them.

Perhaps I should make a few copies for Soso’s first grade teacher to post in her bathroom!


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