Scarecrow Stroll

Our town has been sponsoring a Scarecrow Stroll for the last few years. What is a Scarecrow Stroll, you ask? It is actually a really fun event where residents and business owners create scarecrows which are displayed throughout the town. People vote their favorites and winners are chosen at end of the month.

It is a fun way to walk around the town, especially when the weather is nice. The day Soso and I decided to walk around was one of those gorgeous fall days. Sunny, but not too hot. I decided to take some pictures this year because by the end of our stroll we usually forget which ones we liked. There are anywhere from 40 -50 scarecrows scattered around.



Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops make many of the scarecrows.

I think this was supposed to be a Lady Gaga-crow.

We saw many recycling themed crows. I thought the use of plastic shopping bags to make a skirt was clever.

Soso and I liked this “Mary Poppins” themed crow, but I don’t think it even got an honorable mention!

There were many, many more cute ones, clever ones and funny ones, including “Snooky”, but it was really sunny day and some of my pictures got washed out. I’m still learning about my settings

I really look forward to this event every year. Maybe one year, I’ll even participate!


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