Fun in the Fall

I was so consumed with writing about our Peru trip, many things fell by the wayside.  I was downloading photos from this weekend and came across the Scarecrow Stroll.  I also had photos of apple picking from two weeks ago.

We were so busy this fall that we went kind of late in the season. We D had to work hard to get the apples.



Soso, too. But she had so much fun climbing the trees she didn’t want to leave.


We eventually got enough and headed home. No hayride, no pumpkins except for a photo. This was when I started getting sick and if you can believe it, I’m still coughing!!!

Daddy and daughter. Even though it was a hurried event squeezed in after an already full day of CCD and the town street fair, they had a great time. We didn’t get a chance to get hot apple cider donuts which is why I really wanted to go. *SIGH* Perhaps next year.

This weekend was another crazy one. Trick or Trunk on Friday.

Oops a little blurry because I was trying no flash photography. You need to have steady hands!

One of my decorating input… I had wanted to hang it lower, to kind of brush up on people and freak them out, but I realized the older kids would probably try to pull it down.

Before it started getting dark. We got a huge crowd in the first session.

One of the two families that really go all out in decorating their cars. It was hard to get a good picture without getting any of the faces.

The other family. It was so windy when they were setting up, but thankfully the wind died down.


A simple setup that even I could pull off one of these days… I have one year left to try!

Many people decorated their trunk with lights which is nice touch when it starts getting dark.

I was so tired from the setup and clean up that I slept until 8 the next day. And my body ached. Talk about being out of shape!

Saturday was the last soccer game of the season. I thought I had downloaded a picture, but nope. Tennis. Mass. There was some more Halloween themed events going on, like pumpkin carving contest. Soso was so disappointed that we didn’t participate. I just couldn’t do it. Another one of those “hopefully next year” item.

Sunday was the parade, the pumpkin drop and the 4 hours of trick or treating. No video this year. If you actually want to see the drop in action, go here for last year’s.

The pumpkin carnage. I think my friend used the words “oddly entertaining” to describe the event and so it truly is. Odd but entertaining.

I couldn’t get a decent photo to post without getting other faces in. This was at the end of the day around our neighborhood. The photos I took with the hat more down all hid her face… I should have used the flash.

I really like this picture. She looks so purposeful. I got so many compliments on her costume! I was surprised because it was so basic… but people really loved the color combination and the stocking.  She was easy to spot with her orange hat when we were in a more crowded neighborhood.

I should have taken a picture of her stash. Boy did she get a ton of candy. Thank goodness that we’re giving most of it away to soldiers overseas.

I love Fall. I always pick Spring as my favorite season, but I realized this weekend that I actually have more fun in the fall. There are so many fun things to do…apple picking, hayrides, corn mazes, driving to see changing leaves, hiking in the crisp mountain air, jumping into a pile of leaves… if only we had enough time. Hope everyone else had a wonderful fall and Halloween!


3 thoughts on “Fun in the Fall

  1. The apple picking photos remind me of the one I have of you up in a tree from a few years ago!! I am sad to hear about the donuts though…
    Excellent shot of the 2 pumkins dropping!!! I took video again – just fun.
    It was an amazing town weekend – we’re so lucky, aren’t we? We didn’t submit for the pumpkin contest, but did go view them – we highly recommend it for next year – they did an amzing job with it. I have a few photos, but blurry with no flash or tripod. but we still like looking at them just to remember. I do have one or two of S from the parade, though she’s looking down. but will send hopefully tonight. We all loved her costume – even Joseph commented about how awesome the colors were. LOVE the tights – do they come for 5’8″+ tall too??? 😀

    1. Everyone loves the tights. Yes, they did have adult size! I love how carved pumpkins look for lit up… I’m sorry that we missed it. We’ll have to participate next year. I know S will not let up until we do.

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