Confessions – Part 2

After food, I love shoes.  Well, I love books, but who cares about that.  I’m a bookworm, end of story.

I think I love shoes more than clothes.  Like if I were a millionaire, I may still buy “ordinary” clothes.  But I KNOW I would splurge on Jimmy Choos and the like.  I just know it.

Anyway, this has been a painful couple of months.  I can’t shop for anything unnecessary let alone shoes.  Of course, I compound my pain by subscribing to all the shops out there that send me email about one sale or another.  On a daily basis.  Some I can hit delete without even opening, but I have to click on the Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly Sale email. HAVE TO, as in I HAVE NO CONTROL.

Normally, I like things simple.  Nothing too frilly, no decorative buttons, buckles or zippers, no patches, no tassels, no nothing.  BUT.

I’m so in love with these booties.  Possibly lust.  I haven’t felt this kind of shoe lust since those red Jimmy Choo stiletto heels.

I don’t know what it is about these boots.  They are just sexy.  I have no idea what I would wear with them… I would have to build a whole wardrobe around them.

BUT, these babies are $500 originally and even with the sale, $300.  Just not in my price range even if I could buy a pair of shoe.  I felt a pang in my heart, a longing in my soul and a heartfelt regret that I could never ever be an owner of shoes like these that I knew would last a lifetime.

Of course I had to find another pair like it that was more in my price range.  Yes, even if I still couldn’t buy them.  No, I’m not insane.  If you were a shoey, you would so get me.

Not bad, right?  $130.  Perfect.  I can conclude my window shopping fantasizing about owning a pair of these.  EXCEPT.

D, who normally does not get involved in my crazy shoe fantasy decided to butt in and make a comment!  I like the other ones better. Are you kidding me?  I was ready to move on!  And, he normally hate things like buckles even more than I do.

I’m back to longing for my $300 pair of shoes.  Then I noticed something and I realized that it was all about perspective.

They did not have my size.  Oh, well.  That’s it then.  No point in dreaming about shoes that aren’t even in my size!  And D doesn’t like the cheaper pair so I can’t very well buy something he doesn’t like. It will eat away at my soul.  I’m such an approval seeker.

And I lived happily ever after.  The end.  Until the next sale anyway.


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