Manic Monday – Crisis Averted

Routines are there for a reason.  They have a conditioning effect so that in moments of crisis, stress, or just on a regular Monday when you’re tired and half awake, your routine conditioning takes over to get you through the morning.

It is how soldiers and police officers learn.

Except that a good soldier or an officer can take a variable in the routine and adapt to complete their task.

Apparently, I would never make a good soldier.  One change and my whole morning routine went out of whack.  Routine F.A.I.L.E.D me.

It started on Friday when I wore my work ID into the house.  Instead of returning the ID to my car, or putting it into my purse, I put it into my jacket pocket.  I think I had some thoughts of transferring over the weekend.  I should have known better from prior experience, but apparently, I can’t learn from experience either.  I wore a different coat this morning.

Anyway, fast forward to today, and it was as if that one change in routine triggered other little changes.  Like having to turn down heat both upstairs and downstairs.  Taking the time to brush S’s hair which I never do once we’re downstairs.  Usually, there’s no turning back once we’re downstairs! 

It all culminated when I was dropping S off at her school.  “Mommy, am I buying lunch today?”  Soso asked in a puzzled voice.  Puzzled because buying lunch is usually a big deal in her life.  If the school accepted money, I would have just said yes.  But you need a pre-paid lunch ticket.  *SIGH*  “I’ll be right back.”

Here’s the problem with me being late to work.  No one really cares if I show up 10 minutes late.  But, if I’m 5 minutes late getting into my usual parking lot, I miss getting  a spot and all of sudden now I’m 30 minutes late getting into my actual office.  That’s how much of pain it is when I have to park elsewhere.

Saving grace today?  Incredibly, unbelievably light traffic.  I made it to my lot at 8:02 and I was in my office by 8:05.  Yay!!!


2 thoughts on “Manic Monday – Crisis Averted

  1. OK, so its too late for this to help but…..the school will always take $2.15, exact change, in an envelope with her name on it. They never really explain that, but I found it out from a 2nd grade mom who “Has never bought lunch tickets” though her son loves to buy several days a week.
    Maybe put a spare envelope in your car – just in case? I’m pretty sure soldiers actually do carry extra lunch money as part of “Being Prepared” 🙂
    I hope the day goes smooth a silk from here on in!!

  2. Huh, you’re kidding! The knowledge wouldn’t have saved me b/c no way that I had $2.15 in exact change let alone an envelope handy. But the pre-made evelope in my car is GREAT IDEA!!! TX!

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