What happened in 1777?

Soso has selective hearing and hears words totally out of context.  Thus ensues some hilarity from time to time.

I was balancing the check book last night when I asked D if he knew anything about check # 1777.  It is missing, we have no notation and it hasn’t been deposited yet.

All Soso hear is 1777.  There is a rapid fire of questions.

What happened in 1777?
Is that when you got married?
Is that your anniversary?
Is that when you met?
Is that when you were still searching for each other?

The last one had both D and I snorting.  Like perhaps we were lost?  A picture of us playing blindman’s buff popped into my head.

Honey, 1777 is a long time ago.  Like the Pilgrim days long time ago.

Like, what you weren’t born yet?  I love how kids have no sense of time.


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