Christmas Wish List

T’is the season to be wanting

Fa la la la la la la la la…

Soso is browsing through the BIG Toy Book and making her list.  She’s put down all kinds of things, realistic or not and having fun even if Santa doesn’t get her all the items on the list.

Well, even if there is no Santa for us grownups, we, too can have fun making a list, no?  Eh hem…for the record, many items on my list would also help the environment by reducing my energy and water usage.

1.  Stick Blender – Even though I’m a total coffee addict, this is my #1.  This would eliminate the use of the food processor, which take way more water to wash.

2.  Keurig Coffee Maker – I’m making a cup of coffee in a regular pot and wasting a lot of energy and water.  With a Keurig, the coffee will go straight to my reusable travel mug! 

3.  Dutch Oven – I just want one.  Is that so wrong?

4.  Fridge/freezer for the basement – I really need extra space to store frozen soups, meals, meat, fish, etc.  Less trip to the grocery store = less gas!

5.  Quilt/Duvet – Photos from Pottery Barn.  A quilt would help me use less heat at night!

The quilt in the blue color

I just want this duvet set.  There’s no good reason except that I love it.

Or this duvet because I’m usually drawn to cool colors and my love of the warm tones above is an aberration!

Here’s my bedroom in case anyone wants to weigh-in.  Don’t you think the maroonish duvet would add a nice pop to my bedroom?

6.  Food Mill – I really can’t make Papa’s sauce without it!  Save on gas since he won’t have to drop his sauce off at my house.

7.  Rolling Pin – I’ve had this item on my Christmas list for about 8 years.  I’m amazed that no one has bought it for me.  I’ve taken it as a sign that no one wants me to learn how to make my own pie crust.  Or anything that involves rolling out dough and thus absolves me of any guilt is not getting it myself.  But, really, I do want it.

8.  iPad or iTouch – Again, is it so wrong?

9.  iMac – See above.  I do need a new computer, but D does not agree that I need an expensive Mactop when  less expensive one would do. 😦

10.  Canon Len 50mm f/1.4 – I’m convinced that I’ll have better food photos with this lens.  Convinced. 

11.  Photoshop – Covet.  Covet.  Covet.

12.  Santuko knife – It has moved down on my list.  Ever since I got my chef’s knife sharpened, chopping has gotten easier. Still, I covet.

What’s on your list?


4 thoughts on “Christmas Wish List

    1. Really, the Keurig? I like the Caribbean Blue, too. What size? I’m wondering if the 5qt would be good enough or I should go bigger?

  1. Oooh nice. Well, Santa can fit anything! I would love one but I have no idea where it would go since I don’t have a dry basement. Does this mean you’ll be running more… eh hem… I really, really want to run a half-marathon and I would love a partner in training!

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