Thanksgiving Menu Finalized!

I know that I can’t mess too much with the Thanksgiving menu.  Still, I like to make a couple of new items each year to keep it interesting.  The new items this year are the roasted broccoli, cranberry sauce, roasted chickpeas snack, pumpkin cornbread and pumpkin cheesecake. 

I tested out the cranberry sauce today.  Soso thought it was too sweet.  I guess I’m more of a gravy gal.  D thought it was OK, but he’s not much of a condiment person.

I made the roasted chickpeas as well today.  I’ll tell ya more about it when I write out the recipe.

I’m really hoping the cheesecake and cornbread will come out right the first time.  There’s no time to test those!

Here’s what we’ll be eating for Thanksgiving this year.


Main Entrée


  • apple pie
  • mini pumpkin pies (SIL A)
  • pumpkin cheesecake (I’ve never made it and I don’t have time to test it!)
  • chocolate chip cookies 
  • brownies
  • birthday cake for BIL

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Menu Finalized!

  1. Oh my!! Sounds delicious!! But is S’s whole soccer team and their families coming too?? 😀

    In a bit of completely unsolicited advice – I’d suggest skipping the pumpkin cheesecake. You have PLENTY of dessert especially after such a huge meal, and the pumpkin flavor is covered in the cornbread and mini pies. Plus I’d just hate to see you stress over baking it for the first time for the big day. I’m sure it will come out delicious, but just a thought on simplifying a bit so you enjoy it all a bit more…..hope you don’t mind.

    1. I hear you… I am hesitant about the cheesecake. I’m going to do everything else and if I don’t get to it, I don’t get to it. But I have the cream cheese already so, I will have to make it sometime soon.

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