My 15 Minutes of Fame

Last Tuesday, I saw two comments waiting for approval from strangers.  I initially suspected errant spam that missed the usually quite accurate spam filter.  Interestingly enough the comments looked legitimate.

Interesting considering I’ve received comments from strangers only twice in the FOUR year I’ve been blogging.

Then I saw my stats and noticed that I already got 50 hits on my site.

Stranger and stranger still.

I looked at the referring link and saw the words, ‘Freshly Pressed’ on one of the link

Nuh-huh… no way!


Yeah way! See the cranberry post in the middle?

I literally bounced in my chair. Bounced. Seriously.


Out of the 500,000 posts, they picked mine as one of the 11 feature that day.

Crazy doesn’t even begin to describe the effect. Talk about my 15 minutes of fame! I got over 2500 hits on Tuesday. 1500 on Wednesday. Combined probably equals the number of hits I got in the four years I’ve been blogging.

I never knew that being Freshly Pressed could do that to one’s site.

Now I know what it feels like to have a high without the dangers associated with chemical substance! It was a thrilling ride.

Thank you Freshly Pressed!

And thank you to everyone that stopped by and were kind enough to leave me comments. I enjoyed reading every single one.


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