D’s grandmother passed away last night. She was 100-something years old 106 (!). Given her age, the news shouldn’t have come as a surprise, yet we were surprised. When we saw her, she looked almost timeless.


She could be 90, 100 or 120. She looked fragile, yet resilient. She looked like she could live for many more years.

I’m glad we went to Peru this summer and D got a chance to see his grandmother.


I’m so happy that Soso and her great-grandmother got to meet.


Maybe I’m seeing something because I want to, but it certainly feels like things happen for a reason.  If the baby had come any earlier, if we didn’t have the ‘delay’, we would never have gone to Peru.


We love you Great-grandma and we’ll miss you. We hope you and Grandma are together and watching over us.


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