Mama Don’t Play That

Remember In Living Color or am I dating myself?  I loved that show.  Remember Homey the Clown?  Well, that’s the inspiration for my title.

Soso doesn’t usually give me too much grief.  I’m thinking that will be #2.  Once in a while, she will test me.  Especially this year.  It must be a first grade thing.

First grade freshness?  Mama don’t play that. 

A couple of days ago, I made the “mistake” of telling Soso that I was picking her up instead of Daddy.  I guess she got confused and thought I was picking her up at school instead of her afternoon care.  I don’t know if anything happened after school to cause her embarrassment (she’s easily embarrassed) due to this said confusion.

When I picked her up, she was Miss So-attitude.  “Mama I thought you were picking me up from school.”

Why would you think that?  OK, whateva.  Moving on because it is late, I’m trying to merge into traffic, I need to get home and cook.

But she can’t let it go.  “You know, you didn’t have to tell me you were picking me up from PT.”

I thought you may want to know since you’re used to Daddy picking you up.

Still sulking.  “You didn’t have to tell me.  What you thought I would die if you didn’t tell me?”

SCREECH.  HALT. SQUEALING TIRES.  Figuratively speaking folks in case you thought I got into an accident.

Excuse me???

I guess my tone wasn’t enough warning.  “You thought I would die if you didn’t tell me that you were picking me up?  I didn’t have to know.”

I was actually blown away by the hostility and my initial instinct was to scream, “What the frick are you talking about?”  But I took a calming breath and said in very quiet, but what I imagine must have been a deadly voice, “I’m not sure what you’re mad about.  I think you need to think very carefully about what it is you’re trying to say and then say it to me only when you’re perfectly clear.”




And I left it at that.


3 thoughts on “Mama Don’t Play That

  1. BTDT. Thankfully, most of the time it’s when we are at home. I bend down to her level, look her straight in the eye and say, “You need to re-think how you are speaking to me. I am your mother.”

  2. I just….I can’t…How?….I simply can’t imagine……

    Oh, not that I haven’t BTDT too. Most days! I just can’t imagine attitude from her 🙂

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