Family Christmas Pictures

Since Soso was born, we have tried to take a family photo during Christmas time to mixed results.  It isn’t easy taking “formal” portrait with amateur skills.  It isn’t made any easier when you have a baby that won’t smile.  A point-and-shoot camera that lags makes it even worse.

Having made my excuses, now I present to you, for better or worse, our family Christmas pictures for the past 6 years.

Soso’s First Christmas 2004. She was such a serious baby. Look, proof that D had hair once-upon-a-time.


2005.  Fashion faux-pas!  My excuse for wearing the same sweater is that I had no time to shop the first two years.  Thank goodness D’s sweater is at least a different color. Otherwise, how would we know this is a different year? You would have to look for the little clues. Soso, still serious but clearly older. My hair is a tad bit shorter. D’s hair is a tad bit sparser. Most importantly, we’re clearly in our house versus my in-laws.


2006. Finally a smile from Soso! I have no idea why we’re so matchy-matchy.


2007. The “glow” is not a Photoshop effect. There was a smudge on the lens that I was not aware of for months. All of our photos from November – December have this lovely glow. I guess we decided all red was a bit too much, but we still wanted to stick with Christmas colors. I can’t believe how long my hair grew!


2008. We were coming back from Christmas Mass and a stranger walking by took this photo. It was an unusually warm Christmas Day. Oh no, fashion faux-pas again! Clearly, we need to avoid Christmas color clothes. for our photos.


2009. Back to short hair for moi, with the cut off locks were donated to Locks of Love.


2010.The Christmas photo for this year regardless of what we take on Christmas Day. I’m NOT risking getting caught the same clothes again!  We only have so many red and green sweaters.


Our final Christmas photo as three. Next year, we will be a family of four!


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