The One Ring

In case anyone got to this site searching for the One Ring, sorry I’m not writing about the Lord of the Rings.  I am a huge LOTR fan, so I couldn’t help myself with the title.  How many times do I get a chance to write about a ring?

Well, my ring will not enslave any souls, except perhaps mine.  Then again, I was already enslaved six years ago.  It has no magical powers except that it was given to me by sweet, wonderful daughter with love.  Love is pretty powerful in its own right.


She saved two weeks of BG (Be Good) bucks from school to get me this ring.

I accidentally saw the ring in her bookbag. Now I know what a face crumbling with disappointment looks like. She was so upset that I ruined her surprise.

Oh baby, it is still a big surprise. I didn’t know it was for me. I love it.


Ew, what’s up with my alien hand? Freaky!


That’s a little better. Right? Right??

I love my new ring. Thank you my sweet Sosopie.


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