Santa Over the Years

I bought Santa in 2002 at an after-Christmas sale for a bargain price of $20.  He has been worthy every penny.  While he only comes out during Christmas time, he is very much part of our family because of Soso.

I thought of him as a decoration, but as soon as Soso saw him in 2005 (we were living with my in-laws in 2004), she thought of Santa as her companion.

I would leave him in front of the fireplace, but inevitably I would find him later on in the kitchen.  Where the rest of us hang out.


This was his special corner. Right next to the cabinet that Soso used to play in.


Soso loved him so much that this photo became our Christmas card that year.



2006, Santa and Soso became almost inseparable. She would hug him, kiss him, and play with him. She even insisted on a formal photo with him.


See how one year, he even sneaked into a family photo?


Sometimes I wondered if he was indeed magic. I would find him anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes in the most random places like the food pantry. Once I found him facing a corner.  Time out Santa? Can Santa be naughty sometimes?

One year, I caught Soso dragging him to yet, another location. Ah…I’m not sure how much Santa appreciated being dragged by his hat.


2008, still loving Santa.


Santa was in storage in 2009 while we were undergoing a house renovation. I know Soso missed him. May be that’s why this year, Santa is everywhere again. She even tried to bring him into the bathroom with her.  No, honey, steam is not good for Santa.

On Monday, I left Soso alone to eat breakfast while I got ready. When I came down, this is what I saw.


Soso: What Momma? I missed him.

Santa: May I have some breakfast miss?


He does look a little hungry.  Or weary.  I must tell Soso that she needs to pick him up gently and not drag him anymore.


I found him yesterday “decorated”.  Yup, it is definitely a weary look.

I’m afraid that he’ll have to be replaced one day. Alas, I have not found another quite like him. I guess that makes sense. He is family after all and family is irreplaceable.

I love you Santa. I hope you last a long, long time. Especially as there’s another baby coming soon!  Uh, did you hear a scream of terror?


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