Belated Merry Christmas and an Early Happy New Year!

I’ve been on a vacation, sort of.  After all the rushing around making holiday treats and doing last minute (literally) shopping, I didn’t really want to do much for a few days.

We were also supposed to go to Vermont for a quick ski trip.

Which got canceled because a blizzard hit our area.  We didn’t want to be stranded in Vermont.

So, today we shoveled.  Boy, do I envy those who bought snow blowers yesterday while we  just bought an extra shovel.  I’m achy.  While I have some photos, especially of the huge snow drift on top of our roof, I’ve been too tired to do much beyond sipping hot chocolate and laying on the couch to read.


Tomorrow, I’m supposed to go to work.


Anyway, hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  I’ll wish everyone a Happy, Healthy New Year now since I’ll probably forget to on the Eve!

IMG_3004Edited to add photos a week after I already wrote this post!  Notice the Santa?  How can you now since he’s the only one in color?  D does not like it and wishes I would put full color photos back.


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