Blizzard of 2010

According to Wikipedia, the difference between a blizzard and a regular snowstorm is the strength of the wind.  In a blizzard, the wind is greater than 35 mph and the visibility is down to 1300 feet or less.

IMG_3032I’ve lived through several major snowstorms and blizzards and I never knew the difference!  It doesn’t look like it in these two pictures.

IMG_3034But what we experience on Sunday was most definitely a blizzard.  The wind was strong and it lasted all night and into the next day.

It is hard to capture wind in a photo.  The best I could do was to catch this  “tumbleweed” tumbling down the street.  I don’t know if you can see that the photo also looks hazy?  That was all the blowing snow.

IMG_3037We got at least 2.5 feet and add the drift factor, it would have been hard to get out of the house. Fortunately, when we opened the front door, the steps were already cleared by a kind neighbor.

IMG_3011Who also created a path to our driveway. It was incredibly kind of him, especially since he must have been pretty tired cleaning his own driveway.

IMG_3012It took D about 30 minutes just to make this path down our driveway into the street.

IMG_3027Here’s a better view, though not necessarily a better photos. The snow was blindingly white.

IMG_3035Soso had on triple layer pants, shirts and ski hoodie, hat, glove liner, gloves, you name it.

IMG_3025She paused all of a second for a photo.

IMG_3019Then she plunged in.

IMG_3018And before I knew it, she was literally rolling in the snow.

IMG_3023She had gotten snow everywhere, including her boots. We had to go back in and change the tights, leggings and socks.

IMG_3024When we came back out, I told Soso to help Daddy to keep her drier.

IMG_3029Then D and I noticed all the snow on top of the roof.

IMG_3030And realized that it could come crashing down onto us or the car. Either way, we didn’t want to risk the snow turning to ice and becoming dangerous.

D climbed up a ladder and cleared as much as he could.

IMG_3043He couldn’t reach the top roof.  That “peak” is all snow.

IMG_3042Meanwhile, Soso, left on her own started building a tunnel.  So much for staying drier!  That is snow covering her entire hat.  Amazingly, when we got inside the house, her feet were completely dry.

IMG_3041We saw a neighbor’s sidewalk cleared by a snow blower and we felt some envy. Just like with raking leaves, I found shoveling snow much more tiring this year.  The one year, I would have paid some kid shovel, and nary a kid around.

IMG_3031Oh well, no one probably had energy left after doing their own house.  I know I was done in after 2.5 hours with only half the driveway cleaned.  Poor D had to finish the rest AND go help his Dad.


2 thoughts on “Blizzard of 2010

  1. My kids want snow so badly. We had drive 45 minutes, where they had a small area of machine made snow, where the kids could play and build snowmen.
    If they saw what you had…they would be so jealous.

    1. Stop by one winter for a visit, I’ll make them shovel for an hour and they’ll stop being jealous quick. Yeah, as you can see, S was LOVING it. We’re supposed to get more snow this weekend and I’m already so over it.

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