365 Project

I’ve got so many pending posts, but I’m in my isolated spare bedroom.  It’s cold and I hate working in here.   365 Project is the shortest topic that I have pending so here it is.

I’ve decided to participate in 365 Project.  The premise behind 365 Project is that you document a year of your life through photos.  By taking at least a photo every day, you’re improving your photo skills and you’re capturing little moments of your life.

Some people pick themes.  One person I’m following is taking photos of a rubber duck in various settings.  Or my friend’s theme is very general, her life.  I’ve thought about picking food since I do so much cooking and already take photos for the blog.  Then I thought 365 days of Soso would be kind of cool to look back on.

I’ve decided to take at least one photo of each and I’ll post the best one on the 365Project site.

If anyone wants to check it out (or follow me), here’s my project, starting with my first day.

Or why not join me on this project?  I think it could be fun.  It will definitely be educational.  I’ve already learned one new function about my camera and I’m only on day 4.  If you participate, let me know and I’ll follow you!

Oh and here’s yesterday’s photo, Day 4.  A new shrimp recipe I came up with, that hopefully I’ll be able to write-up one of these days.  But I’ll give you a clue.  Sofrito.  Oh yum.


2 thoughts on “365 Project

    1. Thanks! It was so yummy, yet so simple to make as long as you know how to make sofrito! I hope to post the recipe once my laptop’s been fixed!

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